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Simple Tips to Maximize Your Selling Price

When you are selling your house or investment property, you want to sell it for the highest price possible, with the minimum amount of time on the market.  This maximizies your profit.  

Paying attention to these key details will help make this happen.  The first impression a buyer gets is the most important impression.  You want a prospective buyer to feel good when they look at your property.

The Yard and Curb Appeal

The first thing a buyer sees is the yard.  The yard has to look well-maintained and manicured.  The lawn has to be mowed, the edges have to be cut.  Hedges and shrubs need to be trimmed.  Tree canopies should be at least 7 feet off of the ground.  Fences should be in a good state of repair.  There should be no sign of trash on the property.  A well maintained yard implies that the house itself has been well maintained by the owner.

Inside the House

Inside, the house needs to be clean and free of clutter.  This will help the home feel bigger.  The home should be free of any odors -- especially pet smells.  Worn flooring should be replaced.  Carpets should be professionally cleaned.  Any missing trim, or thresholds should be replaced.  A fresh coat of paint always freshens up an old home.  Neglecting any of these will give a negative impression to your prospective buyer.

Investing in bright lighting throughout the house will help the house show better and give a better feeling to the prospective buyer.



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