How Old Is My Roof?

Buying investment properties come with all sorts of challenges.  One of these challenges is getting house insurance to protect your investment property.

Now, you may have purchased your property at auction, or from a family member of a deceased owner.  Your insurance agent asks, "How old is the roof?"

How do you answer that question?  The family member may only be able to give you a ball park guess.  

THE ANSWER:  Call a Roofer

Many roofing companies offer free roof inspections.  They offer these free inspections and estimates as a way to get your business.  

A qualified roofer can provide you with an inspection report.  In this report he/she will tell you the type of roofing material, approximate age of the roof, condition of the roof, and whether or not it is insurable.

Insurance companies want to know the age of a roof before issuing a new policy.  They request this info to reduce their liability or risk.  

If you don't have a roofer that you have a confident business relationship with, be sure to get at least 3 inspection reports and estimates.  I have had, on the same day, two different roofers give very different estimates.  One said that the roof required replacement due to "pitting from hell" whereas my guy I usually work with said a few shingles need to be replaced at a cost of $400 instead of a $5000-6000 roof replacement.

It pays to get multiple opinions.

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