How to Create Your Buyers List

What is a Buyers List?

Simply put, a buyers list is a list of real estate investors who are regularly looking to buy real estate.  They usually are looking for pre-listings and houses that are just coming on the market.  

You can use this list of buyers for leads on not only your flips, but houses you wish to wholesale or sell on assignment!

How Do You Create Your List?

One of the best ways to create your buyers list is to attend foreclosure and real estate auctions in your area.  While you are there, you can network and find buyers.  It's important to get not only their contact info, but also what type of houses and price ranges they are looking for, and in what geographic areas.

Another way to create your buyers list is through FaceBook.  You can find real estate investor groups.  Post to them saying you are looking for buyers.  It's great if you have a specific property you can mention with this post.  Ask them to private-message (PM) you.In a few hours you can expect 50 or more investors writing to your InBox.  

List Organization

As previously mentioned, it is good to get as much information as you can from each prospective investor.  Be organized with this information so that when you have a house listing coming up, that you can email the info to the most interested buyers.

After all, there is little sense in emailing a $200,000 4 bedroom 4 bath house listing to an investor looking for $50,000 or less properties.

You can keep your list in a spreadsheet.  I personally use Excel but there are many apps out there that will help you start, organize, and update your lists.

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