Save $2000 on a custom counter top

When it comes to making money on house flips, you have to provide the greatest value to the potential homebuyer at the least expense to you. The greater the wow factor, the less time your property will sit on the market, and the quicker you can be onto your next investment.

High end finishes can really help 'wow' a potential buyer.  Saving money on those high end finishes increases your profit.  In this video, I explain to you how I got a $2500 custom wooden counter top for under $500. That is a savings of over $2000.

My wife found a sponsored link on FaceBook for these awesome wooden counter tops.  They were running at a little over $100 per square foot.  The counter top in the video would have cost nearly $2500. Instead, I went to an auction site online and got a similar wooden slab for under $400.  Applying some stain and varnish, gave me the beautiful result you see in the video.

So with a little bit of online shopping, and a bit of ingenuity, you can save a lot of money on those high end finishes that attract top-dollar quality buyers for your investment properties.  Maximize your profit, and minimize your selling time.

Auction site:

Stain Used:  American Walnut by Varathane

Varnish Used:  Minwax Fast Drying PolyUrethane Clear Semi-Gloss

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