The Power of Go

 The Power of Go

Flip University co-founder Michael Owen discusses the importance of the correct mindset.  Real Estate Investing for many is a big change in their way of life and it is crucial to approach it with the right attitude.  Michael's own answer to the challenges he faced: The Power of Go.  

Making money in real estate isn't that hard.  In fact once you know the steps, it becomes quite simple.  However, so many of us are stuck in routines.  Routines that we dislike, and complain about.  We seldom change those routines, though, because they are comfortable.  We are accustomed to them even if we don't necessarily like them.

Breaking out of a routine is something we rarely do because they are comfortable.  Going out of your comfort zone gives you anxiety and fear.  You need to exercise the Power of Go and do just that - GO!

There are always reasons and excuses not to change.  "I'm too busy right now with work.  Kids are in hockey season now."  I have those same things in my life, too!  Just GO!

I took that leap of faith, believed in myself and went for it.   I left the 9 to 5 grind behind.  I no longer work for those who don't appreciate me.  I now have more time to do what I want -- spend time with family and be there to raise my son.

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