Why People Sell


You're a realtor, a real estate investor, or you flip houses for profit.  Whatever the case, you need to find houses to buy.  In some markets, the competition can be pretty stiff.  Have you ever considered why people sell their homes?  And perhaps more importantly, why some people are in a rush to sell their homes fast?

Knowing why people sell real estate can help you market to find people who want to sell, whom you can help, and make respectable profits!

If you know why people sell, you can target your marketing to those motivating factors and situations.  We want people who need to sell.  We want people who are behind on their bills.  We want people who are behind on their mortgage.  Quite often these people need to sell their house, as is, and fast.  

Here are two big reasons you should be aware of:


Quite often, in a divorce situation, there are financial pressures.  These financial pressures are often the contributing factors to the breakdown of the relationship.  Often, a couple in divorce needs to divest themselves of the matrimonial home, vacation home or other property, and extract the equity therein.  This may be necessary for finalizing the divorce.  Or, it may be necessary to get out from under heavy financial burdens.

A divorce can be a great opportunity for you to score an investment property AND provide a helpful service to get the divorced couple back on their feet again.


A death in the family often leaves real estate to be dealt with.  In some cases, a spouse may find the family home too much of a burden to maintain on his/her own and wish to sell.  Sometimes a family member inherits property that they cannot afford to maintain, or are unable to use.  In some cases, multiple family members inherit the same property and wish to sell to split the equity.

Another scenario involves the deceased's will instructing a property to be sold and the proceeds to be split amongst family members.  An estate executor in this situation will be under pressure to act quickly.


Both divorce and death are highly trying and emotional times for the sellers.  It is of utmost importance to market with class and tact.  You certainly do not want your marketing to be insensitive, offensive, causing pain or stress to your potential clients.

Marketing Tips:

  • build a relationship with divorce attorneys and offer finder fees
  • send respectful mailers to the family of recently deceased
  • leave marketing material in funeral homes, attorney office waiting rooms
  • as always, make sure your family, friends and circle of influence know that you are always looking for investment properties

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