Finding the Homeowner


Volume 2: Episode 4 - How to Find the Homeowner

So, you've been out looking for potential houses to flip, and you come across a promising candidate.  

The yard is unkept, there's mail and flyers stacked up by the door, and it appears to be vacant.  All good signs for a distressed property in need of a good flip.

But how do you find the homeowner?  Watch this week's blog video to find out!

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Photos That Sell

advice listing photos tips Jan 07, 2018

Photographs Attract Attention

You bought an investment property to flip.  You hired contractors to rip out the outdated kitchen and bathroom, and install beautiful new fixtures and floors, with a fresh coat of paint.  

You have a lot of money tied up in this investment, and you want it to sell fast.  Why?  Because time is money, and real estate is no exception.  The faster the sale, the quicker you can move onto to flipping your next house.

You need a listing that will catch the attention of prospective buyers on their laptops, smart phones and tablets.  It has to motivate them to call you or your agent.  

One of THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your listing are the photographs.

In this week's vlog, Michael Owen discusses

  • tips on taking the photos
  • do's and don'ts 
  • using a professional photographer vs. DIY
  • and more!

Find the video below!

Hack: Listings That Sell

Volume 2: Episode 1


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Choosing Your Brokerage

If you are becoming a real estate agent, or are an agent looking for a new broker to work with, you want to watch today's video.  Flip University co-founder Michael Owen discusses tips, advice, and questions to ask potential brokerage firms before you sign on.

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Involving Your Kids

For this week's vlog, I wanted to do something a little different.  How we lead our lives and who we share them with are just as every bit important as how we earn our living.  In today's video, we have a very special guest joining us -- my 2 year old son Cole.

Cole is very important here behind the scenes at Flip University.  He is my motivation for changing my life -- giving up law enforcement, giving up living check to check, and creating a better life for myself, and my family.

I want to ensure that I prepare Cole for what lies ahead.  I feel it is very important to take advantage of everyday opportunities to get him involved so that he can learn from me.  After all, one day he will have his own family to take care of.

I hope you enjoy this special edition of the vlog!


Michael Owen.

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Tips for Your Real Estate Flip


When it comes to flipping houses, Flip University co-founder Michael Owen knows his stuff!  In this video blog, he gives very useful free tips and advice on how to invest in and capitalize on your flip properties.

Tip #1

It is very important to know your numbers and local real estate market factors.  Your research begins well before the foreclosure auctions.  You need to have scoped out the properties you are interested in, and have done the math on the numbers including the bank value (minimum bid), square footage, cost per square foot, budget for anticipated repairs, comparative market values, and the after-repair value.  This will help you decide on the top dollar you should pay for a given property.

Tip #2

Be disciplined at the auction.  Do not let yourself get involved in the heat of the auction.  Do not bid above your researched top dollar value for the property.  Emotions and ego do not pay the bills -- disciplined research will help...

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Foreclosure Auctions



Making Money in Real Estate: The Foreclosure Auction 

One of the most popular ways make money in real estate is to find homes to flip, rent or invest in, is the foreclosure auction.  The auction process is something any real estate investor should make a strong effort to become familiar with.  The best way to learn about the auction is to go attend one in your area and simply watch and learn.

Auctions usually occur at the county level.  Some counties have judicial auctions that occur in a court house.  Some counties have non-judicial auctions that are performed by substitute trustees.  In order to be successful with the auction process, it is very important that you research the houses you are interested in prior to the auction.  Lists can be obtained by the county clerk, or on foreclosure listing websites.

It is very important that you go over your numbers prior to the auction.  You have to know the data on the house before...

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