Take a Leap and Change Your Life

Volume 2: Episode 6 -- Change Your Life

Making a change in life is often met with fear.  Fear of change, fear of loss, and fear of failure.  Because each of us are unique, we experience these fears to varying degrees.

It is so important to not let those fears stand in the way of your dream.

Flip University co-founder and your host, Michael Owen, gives you his thoughts and motivational tips in this video.

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An Interview with Flip University

This week's blog post is a special edition.  Flip University founders Michael Owen and Thomas Detert do an interview-style video talking about:

  • why real estate
  • can anyone do it?
  • how to start with no money
  • how real estate investing changed their lives
  • their motivations for creating Flip University
  • the upcoming AFFORDABLE online comprehensive A-Z real estate investing course
  • and more!

Just click on the video below, sit back, and enjoy!


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