Bathroom Renovation Gone Right

Bathroom Renovation

We converted this bathroom from half the size you see here to the bathroom you see now. Older houses have small bathrooms by design. Today, we want larger master baths with a luxury spa like feel.  It can be difficult to incorporate a larger master bath into an older existing home.

The existing bathroom here was 5 feet wide with a small corner shower. There was barely enough room for a single sink and a toilet. There was no way my wife was moving into this house. So, we took out a closet and moved a wall 3 feet. It now gives the bathroom a more spacious feel to it.

Installing a granite counter top with dual undermount sinks and high gloss faucets complement the slate tile wall with textured marble accent.

The shower has a 8” piece deep granite shelf to store towels for convenience after your shower. There is a corner seat, and a river-rock floor at the base of the shower, with a glass wall.

The glass wall has a rainfall texture. This helps hide water...

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