Why Realtors Quit

Why Do Realtors Quit Within Their First Year?

A lot of people want to quit their jobs and become realtors (real estate agents).  They have high expectations of making good money working as a realtor.  All too often they quit within 12 months of starting, only to go back to their former career, or finding another new career.

There are 3 main reasons why this happens.

Reason #1: Fail to Generate Leads

You cannot and will not have success as a realtor if you fail to generate leads.  You cannot be passive about this, waiting for leads from your brokerage.

Check out Lead Generate or Die, by Dr. Tameka Bryant et. al.

You need to maximize lead potential from your social circle.  Leverage FaceBook, texting, Twitter, and even phone calls to stay in constant contact with your social circle.  Remind people constantly that you are a realtor.  This creates top-of-mind-awareness in your friends that when they come across a potential prospect, they will refer that...

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