Qualities You Want In A Realtor

Volume 2: Episode 8 - What You Want in a Good Realtor

Whether you are a realtor, or you are an investor who needs to work with a realtor; these are the qualities you want in a realtor.  Real estate guru Michael Owen explains:


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Want to Wholesale a House? Watch this!

Volume 2: Episode 7: What You Need To Ask Your Buyers When Wholesaling Houses

One of the ways we make a quick return on our investments, with less stress and effort that comes with the traditional flip, is selling houses wholesale.

What this means is we purchase a distressed property below market value and sell to a buyer who is looking to either flip or rent that property.

Real estate guru Michael Owen explains more in this video:


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WiFi Thermostat - Installing a WOW Factor

Installing a Wow Factor -- Make Your Property Stand Out from the Crowd

Volume 2: Episode 5

Whether you are flipping an investment property, or using a property for rental income, one thing that helps your property stand out are simple little wow factors.

At Flip University, we talk about simple things like new light fixtures, cover plates, and a new coat of paint.  These little things make a place feel clean and new.

However, one of the current new trends is smart wifi thermostats.  There are a number of them on the market, and we do not recommend any unit in particular.  But people sure do seem to like them.  This trend goes along with wifi controlled switches and lights.  

Installing features like this in your investment property could very well make it stand out from similar properties.  Standing out makes it memorable -- which increases chances of offers!

In this week's video blog, we show you how to install a smart WiFi thermostat.  We've...

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Finding the Homeowner


Volume 2: Episode 4 - How to Find the Homeowner

So, you've been out looking for potential houses to flip, and you come across a promising candidate.  

The yard is unkept, there's mail and flyers stacked up by the door, and it appears to be vacant.  All good signs for a distressed property in need of a good flip.

But how do you find the homeowner?  Watch this week's blog video to find out!

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Link to PublicData:  http://PublicData.com

We welcome your comments and questions.

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Open House

Volume 2: Episode 3 -- The Open House

At Flip University, we not only teach real estate investing, we DO real estate investing.  

One of the most important things you can do to move a property is to have an open house.

But how do you pull off an effective open house that not only is well-attended, but brings in offers that same day?

Watch this week's video blog to find out!


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The Short Sale

Volume 2: Episode 2 - The Short Sale

This week's blog has Flip University co-founder Michael Owen talking about using short sales as yet another tool in your tool box for making money in real estate.

But beware -- there are differences you need to know!

Learn more here in this week's video.


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Contractors: Protect Yourself

Home construction and renovation projects can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.  In most jurisdictions, contractors are subject to very little regulation or oversight.  We've all heard of horror stories on HGTV programs like Holmes on Homes.  Contractors paid in full and the job half complete, and the money is gone.

How then does one pay their contractor and protect oneself?  Watch this video and get our free tips on paying your contractor!


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How To Get Noticed and Stay Noticed on Real Estate Websites

If you have ever tried to sell a property, or worked with a realtor trying to sell a property, you know that visibility of your listing is key.  But websites like Zillow.com and Realtor.com favor new listings.

Now you may have had your property in contract.  During the option period, the buyer's financing didn't come through.  Now you re-activate your listing.  However, at this point your listing may be 3, 4, or more weeks old.  Perhaps several hundred new listings have been placed, and you find your listing now on page 9!

What do you do to get back on page 1?  What do you do to keep your listing visibility high, and near the top?

There are a couple easy ways to keep your listing near the top.  Real estate websites recognize changes in listings, which gets your listing noticed.  So, feel free to change the price, either higher or lower.  You can repeat this every 2-3 days.

Another tip is to have an open house.  Have one every...

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How to Create Your Buyers List

What is a Buyers List?

Simply put, a buyers list is a list of real estate investors who are regularly looking to buy real estate.  They usually are looking for pre-listings and houses that are just coming on the market.  

You can use this list of buyers for leads on not only your flips, but houses you wish to wholesale or sell on assignment!

How Do You Create Your List?

One of the best ways to create your buyers list is to attend foreclosure and real estate auctions in your area.  While you are there, you can network and find buyers.  It's important to get not only their contact info, but also what type of houses and price ranges they are looking for, and in what geographic areas.

Another way to create your buyers list is through FaceBook.  You can find real estate investor groups.  Post to them saying you are looking for buyers.  It's great if you have a specific property you can mention with this post.  Ask them to private-message (PM)...

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Choosing Your Brokerage

If you are becoming a real estate agent, or are an agent looking for a new broker to work with, you want to watch today's video.  Flip University co-founder Michael Owen discusses tips, advice, and questions to ask potential brokerage firms before you sign on.

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