Bathroom Renovation Gone Right

Bathroom Renovation

We converted this bathroom from half the size you see here to the bathroom you see now. Older houses have small bathrooms by design. Today, we want larger master baths with a luxury spa like feel.  It can be difficult to incorporate a larger master bath into an older existing home.

The existing bathroom here was 5 feet wide with a small corner shower. There was barely enough room for a single sink and a toilet. There was no way my wife was moving into this house. So, we took out a closet and moved a wall 3 feet. It now gives the bathroom a more spacious feel to it.

Installing a granite counter top with dual undermount sinks and high gloss faucets complement the slate tile wall with textured marble accent.

The shower has a 8” piece deep granite shelf to store towels for convenience after your shower. There is a corner seat, and a river-rock floor at the base of the shower, with a glass wall.

The glass wall has a rainfall texture. This helps hide water...

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How to Flip As Quickly as Possible

Expert real estate invest Michael Owen gives tips on how to flip a house as quickly as possible.  The quicker you flip, the more properties you can move and thereby maximizing your profit and income.

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Making Money with Mobile Homes

Making Money In Real Estate with Mobile Homes

At Flip University, we focus mainly on brick & mortar homes, homes on a permanent foundation.  But that is not to say that money can't be made on mobile home flips.  In fact, I know several people that do very well in real estate with mobile homes.

One advantage of mobile home investing, is the start up costs are significantly lower than that of traditional homes.  A smaller amount of starting capital can get you into the game with mobile homes.  

At the foreclosure auction, it's important to really pay attention and do your due diligence.  Quite often at a foreclosure auction, the mobile home and the land it sits on will not be sold on the same ticket.  If you have a mobile home on the property and haven't bought the mobile home, you will run into issues.  Namely, the process may take 90 days to complete, and you may be on the hook for $10K-15K in expenses.

One plus factor is vacant property that...

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Tips for Your Real Estate Flip


When it comes to flipping houses, Flip University co-founder Michael Owen knows his stuff!  In this video blog, he gives very useful free tips and advice on how to invest in and capitalize on your flip properties.

Tip #1

It is very important to know your numbers and local real estate market factors.  Your research begins well before the foreclosure auctions.  You need to have scoped out the properties you are interested in, and have done the math on the numbers including the bank value (minimum bid), square footage, cost per square foot, budget for anticipated repairs, comparative market values, and the after-repair value.  This will help you decide on the top dollar you should pay for a given property.

Tip #2

Be disciplined at the auction.  Do not let yourself get involved in the heat of the auction.  Do not bid above your researched top dollar value for the property.  Emotions and ego do not pay the bills -- disciplined research will help...

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The Power of Go

 The Power of Go

Flip University co-founder Michael Owen discusses the importance of the correct mindset.  Real Estate Investing for many is a big change in their way of life and it is crucial to approach it with the right attitude.  Michael's own answer to the challenges he faced: The Power of Go.  

Making money in real estate isn't that hard.  In fact once you know the steps, it becomes quite simple.  However, so many of us are stuck in routines.  Routines that we dislike, and complain about.  We seldom change those routines, though, because they are comfortable.  We are accustomed to them even if we don't necessarily like them.

Breaking out of a routine is something we rarely do because they are comfortable.  Going out of your comfort zone gives you anxiety and fear.  You need to exercise the Power of Go and do just that - GO!

There are always reasons and excuses not to change.  "I'm too busy right now with work....

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